COURSE   in  ENGLISH       September 6 - 9,  2022        Regensburg, Germany

         Course Directors                                          
   Prof. Dr Karl C. Ossoinig  (Iowa City, USA)       Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hasenfratz (Regensburg, Germany)     

         Course Faculty                                                   
         Prof. Dr.Gerhard Hasenfratz (Regensburg, Germany)

                                                                                                     Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hauff  (Vienna, Austria)

                                                                                                                             OA. Dr. Konrad
Koch (Koeln, Germany)

                                                                                                      Prof. Dr. Christian Mardin (Erlangen, Germany)

                                                                                                      Prof. Dr. Karl Ossoinig  (Iowa City, USA)

                                                                                                    Quantel Medial


        Aviso S,   ABSolu  (Quantel Medical, France)

                                                                                                     the newest and most advanced fully standardized instruments

                 complete with cine-loop, sensitivity (gain) adjustments of frozen images,
                                                                   software allowing for various automated settings, e.g., measurements, quantitative echography I and II, angle kappa,
                         and for automated diagnoses (
e.g., A1 to diagnose retinal surface)
                                                lap-top based, fully digitized, newest software
                                                                          Standardized A-scan frequency 8 MHz,  Standardized B-scan frequencies 10, 20, 25, and 50 MHZ (UBM)



                 * BASICS:

                                   Physics, Instrumentation, Standardization, State of the Art in Software, Automation

                 * Examination Techniques:

       A-scan (8 MHz) < posterior & anterior eye segments, orbit & periorbital region >

      B-scan (10 MHz, 20 MHz) < posterior eye segment, anterior orbit >   
    (25 -50 MHz) < anterior eye segment >

               * BIOMETRY for Intra-ocular Lens Calculations
 high-precision axial eye length measurements comparable to the precision
                                      of the IOL Master
for measurements of normal and abnormal ocular structures 



                             Vitreous Conditions:
                                     vitreous detachments (posterior, anterior), vitreo-schisis, adhesions, (sub) vitreal hemorrhages,
                                 posterior hyphemas, fibro-vascular membranes, asteroid hyalosis, foreign body tracts, inflammatory
                                 infiltrations, abscesses, luxated lens

                          Retinal Diseases:
                                          retinal detachments (rhegmatogenous, exudative, hemorrhagic, tractional), breaks, opercula,
                                     disinsertions, folds,  cysts, retinoschisis, disciform lesions (dry, exudative, hemorrhagic),
                                          macula degeneration, edema, macular holes, Berlin's edema, tumors,
automated - A1:differentiation of
                                     retinal detachments from dense fibro-vascular membranes

                         Choroidal Diseases:
                                          detachments (exudative, hemorrhagic, kissing), folds, thickening (hyperemia, infiltration,
                                     calcifications, tumors

                         Trauma and Foreign Bodies

                         Inflammation / Endophthalmitis (early diagnosis)

                         Malignant Melanomas and Pseudo-melanomas:
                                    (elevated choroidal nevi, melanocytomas, metastatic carcinomas, choroidal hemangiomas,
                                    lymphomas, osteomas, etc.)

                        Retinoblastomas and Pseudo-gliomas (Leukokoria):
                                     PHPV, Coats' disease, endophthalmitis, ROP, toxocariasis, tuberous sclerosis, retinal dysplasia

                        Diseases of Ocular Wall :
                                            staphylomas, colobomas, scleritis (anterior, posterior), panophthalmitis, phthisis


Corneal conditions
                         Masurements of anterior chamber(angle), iris thickness
                         Hyphaemas, foreign bodies,
Synechiae, subluxated lenses,
                         Iris  & ciliary body tumors           
laucomatous changes, and  other conditions affecting the anterior eye segment
                         UBM vs OCT 


                                   orbital cellulitis, sinusitis, orbital abscesses  

                          Trauma and Foreign Bodies:
emphysema, sub-periosteal hematomas

          lymphomas, pseudolymphomas, metastatic carcinomas, adenoid-cystic carcinomas, cavernous
                                    hemangiomas (adult), infantile hemangiomas, rhabdomyosarcomas, benign mixed tumors of the
                                    lacrimal glands, cysts (dermoid cysts, serous cysts), muco-(pyo-)celes,sarcomas of orbital
                                    bones, meningiomas, carcinoid metastases,congenital dacryoceles, hematomas, etc. 

                          Diseases of extra-ocular Muscles:
                                     Graves' Orbitopathy (diagnosis, grading, detection of optic nerve compression, management)
myositis, tumors, pareses

                          Diseases of the Optic Nerve:
                                      Optic Neuritis, Optic Atrophy, Tumors (gliomas, meningiomas, lymphomas, carcinosis, leucemic
                                      infiltrates), papilledema vs. papillitis, optic disc drusen, colobomas, optic nerve compression,
                                      Increased intra-cranial pressure (IIH, Tumors)

                         Diseases of Periorbital Sinuses:
                                       sinusitis, tumors (carcinomas, sarcomas, muco(pyo)celes)

                    Clinical Value of Standardized Orbital Echography

                              Standardized Echography versus CT / MRI


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